Welcome To Green Line HR Consultancy

Green Line Human Resource Consultancy is one of the leading Human Resource Consultancy in UAE. Green Line HR helps its clients to bring onboard specialized Human Resources from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal as per their requirements.

Green Line HR was established in 2005 with vision to serve as a reliable overseas employment service provider. Over the last 10 years, Green Line HR has recruited thousands of workers both skilled and unskilled for Gulf countries.

We are registered business organization from Govt of UAE and Pakistan. Having good working relationship with Labor department in UAE and Pakistan, we bring the selected Human Resource On board in a short span of time making us a cost efficient option to our clients. The Company Head Office is situated in Abu-Dhabi (UAE) and its Regional Office is situated in Mardan, KPK (Pakistan) . The UAE office is known as Sahil Green Line Human Resource Consultancy. The Pakistan office is known as Green Line Human Resource Manpower. The company also has a Trade Testing & Training Center in Mardan, KPK (Pakistan) by the name Green Line Trade Testing and Training Center , where all the latest tools and equipment are available to train people in different categories under supervision of highly trained, qualified and experienced Instructors. Our clients can test the skills of candidates at our facility to ensure they have chosen the right candidate.