Green Line Human Resource Consultancy is one of the leading Human Resource Consultancy in UAE. Green Line helps organizations find Human Capital, their most valuable asset from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philphines, Afghanistan, Africa and Nepal from diverse sectors like Construction, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Banking, IT, MEP, Infra-Structure Development, Security, Medical and Hoteling.

The company is divided into three chapters;
1. Green Line Human Resource Consultancy (SGL HRC)
2.Green Line Human Resource Manpower (GL HRM)
3.Green Line Trade Test and Training Center (GL TTTC).

The Company is operated from UAE having its Head Office situated at Abu-Dhabi (UAE). The recruitment function is performed by its regional office at Pakistan. Training, Development, Orientation services are provided through its TTC. The TTC is equipped with the latest tools and equipments to train people in different categories under supervision of highly trained, qualified and experienced Instructors. Our clients can test the skills of candidates at our facility to ensure they have chosen the right candidate

Both the offices are equipped with Computers, Printers, Internet, Scanners, Telephones and Technical & Trained staff to carry out duties like Screening, Recruiting, Training and Travel Documents preparation. Our regional office at Mardan has interview chamber, conference room, audio & video conferencing facilities, security and company wide networking.
Board Of Directors

1. Abdul Basit, Chief Executive Officer, SGL HR Consultancy, Abu-Dhabi (UAE).
2. Wakeel Khan, Chairman, SGL HR Consultancy and GL HRM. (UAE & PAK).
3. Hazrat Ali, Managing Director, GL HRM Mardan, KPK (Pakistan).

Organization Structure:
Head Office @ Abu-Dhabi (UAE)

Chief Executive Officer
General Manager
Marketing Manager
Admin Assistant
Public Relation Officer

Regional Office @ Mardan – KPK (Pakistan)

Managing Director
Office Manager
Admin Officer
Computer Operator