Being the CEO of Green Line Human Resource Consultancy (GL HR Consultancy), I am quite thankful to Almighty Allah who gave me a chance to start this business in 2005 and gave me success beyond my expectation for the last 10 years in this field. I am also thankful to my team who worked hard to achieve targets and brought pride for my firm and converted my dream into reality. I am also thankful to my clients for their continuous support and appreciation of GL HR Consultancy services.
GL HR Consultancy is making continuous efforts in improving its business processes by employing highly qualified management staff from different industries to bring innovative ideas and add competitive advantage to our organization. Once you do business with us, you will feel the difference. We provide HR Consultancy and Outsourcing Services to our clients in a cost efficient manner. We provide our clients with access to Global Best Practices and combined with local GCC experience.
Our philosophy at GL HR Consultancy is to work closely with our clients and LEVERAGE our specialized core competencies in Human Resources, to knit together solutions that significantly lower HR costs for your business and in turn help to improve business performance. I hope our clients will appreciate our efforts and will grant us more business and positive referrals.

Best Regards,

Hazrat Ali
Chief Executive Officer,
GL HR Consultancy.